I Voted Today

I voted today, and the experience taught me something very important about myself. I’ll explain: I arrived at the polls at 7:30am. There wasn’t much of a line, and I quickly moved to present my drivers license. My address on yge licrense isnt up-to-date (thank you DMV), so they told me, “No problem, you can […]

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Wurdle: Thou art addicting

I stop in to the local Starbucks almost everyday. Naturally, you eventually get to know the other regulars who transform from acquaintence to friend. Recently a bunch of us regulars have all gotten iPhones. About a week ago, they were chatting about this game Wurdle. I hadn’t heard of it, but for $1.99 I decided […]

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The Bailout: Handout or Investment?

This morning I received an email from one of my oldest friends.  A friend from high school, he’s an ex-navy guy, staunch Republican, and currently living in Kuwait, helping with something that he’s been a bit guarded in sharing details about.  Almost daily, he forwards me an email or two.  I imagine I’m on a […]

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