Participation is King

The graphic you see at the start of this post has appeared at the bottom of the middle sidebar on the right for over a year now.† The graphic states, ďI make comments participation is kingĒ.† Tyson Crosbie created that graphic for those of us that participated in his soft edit comment process to proudly […]

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Thinking on two wheels

Iím currently planning my cycling events for the year and working to get back into better riding shape, now that the worst of the heat of the summer is starting to inch behind me.† Iím already registered for The Tour of the White Mountains (TOWM) and El Tour de Tucson (ETT).† TOWM is October 3, […]

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The Belt Family all gets iPhones

Today, for almost no reason at all, I decided that I wanted the new iPhone 3Gs.† It has nearly nothing important over my iPhone 3G thatís just 1 year old, but for some reason, I wanted it.† The video doesnít really matter to me.† The better camera doesnít really matter to me, although a zoom […]

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