Finished the El Tour de Tucson

On Saturday I rode the 109-mile El Tour de Tucson on my road bike.  This is a major event, which this year drew over 9150 riders, including Greg Lemond (whom I passed during the second river crossing 8-).  Leading up to the event, I had been mostly riding with Chris Z doing 50ish mile road […]

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Quick update on Le Tour De Touscon

We went to Jeff & Denise’s annual halloween party yesterday, which is always a treat.  I know Jeff’s favorite holiday is halloween, and it really shows with the celebration event they throw.  Tomorrow, I promise to post some pics of the girls in costume, and even some a few from our Disneyland vacation 2 weeks […]

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El Tour de Tuscon

Chris Z has been prodding me a bit to consider entering the 25th Annual El Tour de Tuscon, which is coming up on November 17th.  He’s planning to do the 109 mile length, which will be his personal longest ever ride in one day.  I think he’s done the MS 150 a number of times, […]

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