Header Images

The images in the header are displayed randomly with each page view.  Occassionally, you may see one you like, and then click away…and BAM! it’s gone.  This page displays of all of them, with a description of where in the world it is. Click any image to enlarge it to full size.

Outside the Raffles Hotel in Hamburg Germany with the BMW 750.

The bridge over the Columbia River in Astoria Oregon.

Portland, Oregon with Mount Hood in the distance

The start of the Off the Top Trail at Mammoth Mountain, California.

My Titus Racer-X on the beach in Oregon.

Haystack Rock in Newport Beach, Oregon.

Riding a bridge over the McKenzie River in Oregon.

Riding off the Diving Board along Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Mission Bay, San Diego, California.

City lights of Phoenix, Arizona.

Sunrise at Williams Field Airport, Mesa, Arizona.