Village layouts

Your village layout contributes substantially to how quickly and easily you can level up in the game. In order to level up, you need gold and elixir. Trophies don’t matter at all, just gold and elixir. So protecting your gold and elixir from being stolen by an attacker is by far your highest priority.

Whenever you attack another village and lose, you should consider what the defender did with their layout that contributed to your loss. Are those things that you can copy? Or was your attack strategy more to blame? Was the defender a higher level, and thus had more defenses than you considered? Or was s/he just smart with their layout?

For the villages I have the most difficulty with two things are consistent: they have high level walls, and they have many “rooms” created by those walls, which slow down how quickly I get to either their defenses or the resources.

So Walls. That’s pretty much the secret. Not just having them, but using them to make small “rooms”. Each room should have only a few of the things that an attacker wants. Think 4-6 things inside a room. Not 24 things in one big room. This way when an attacker breaks through the walls to gain entry to a room, they don’t get access to your entire village. Or even half of your village. Obviously, the higher your clan castle level, the more wall segments you get, but even at relatively low clan castle levels, you have enough wall segments to adequately slow down attackers, which is the purpose of your walls: slow down the attacker, so your defensive towers can kill the attacker before they reach your precious resources.

Since walls and small rooms are the secret, the next thing to decide is what goes inside the walls, and what goes outside the walls. The first thing that should be obvious is that if the thing doesn’t defend and it doesn’t store or gather resources it should be outside the wall. So, all builder huts, army camps, research lab, and spell factory should always be outside your walls. They should be used as a buffer surrounding your walls, so that they have to be walked past by any giants and wall breakers before an attacker can even get to your wall. I also strongly believe your town hall should be outside the wall. Your town hall holds very little gold and elixir, which is what we are trying hardest to protect. And, as discussed on the trophies page, trophies are simply not very important to game play, until town hall level 10 is reached. So put the town hall outside the wall…it’s big, bulky and takes a long time to bring down. All that time spent destroying it, is time your defensive towers can use to destroy the attacking forces.

One extra thing about giving an attacker an easy victory by destroying your town hall. You get 8 hours of shield when someone achieves a 1 star victory against you. 80% of all my defeats are 1 star victories in which the only thing I lost was my town hall. And each of those defeats gave me 8 hours of shield. Look at how many gems a shield costs you, and how cheap I get those shields. It’s honestly impossible for me to describe how significant this trade-off is, until you try it for a while and see for yourself.

As mentioned above, the most important thing we are trying to protect is our gold and elixir. Therefore, all of the village defense should be designed to make getting to the gold storage and elixir storage items as difficult as possible. Accordingly, your gold and elixir storage should be roughly in the middle. Also, roughly in the middle, should be your mortar(s) and wizard tower(s). If you have 2 storages of each type, strongly consider spreading them out into more than 1 room. Putting 4 storages in 1 room, means once an attacker gains access to that single room, they can wipe you out. If those same storages are in 2 or 3 rooms, that will require substantially more walls to be broken through before getting it all. You archer towers, and canons should be alternately dispersed surrounding this “middle” area. Canons and archer towers should alternate with each other, so an archer protects a canon from balloons or dragons.

Once you open up the air defense tower, be sure that tower is also closer to the middle. This tower, more than any other at my level, is the source of my biggest trouble, as it will attack my healer, and my healer’s life is largely the key to my victories. At low levels I found some people doing balloon attacks, or even deploying a dragon. The air defense tower will defend you from most of those, but not if it’s on the edge of the village, quickly and easily destroyed (particularly by a couple of archers). The hidden tesla (once opened up), is actually one of the weakest defenders. Accordingly I use them on outer edges like canons and archers.

Assuming your clan castle is consistently stocked with ranged attackers (archers, wizards, or dragons), your clan castle then should be considered as part of your defense. It’s position, however, isn’t as obvious. At the highest levels, many of the strongest defenders place the clan castle in the very middle of the village, so that when it gets triggered, the troops are in dire need, and further, it’s difficult for them to be countered. My preference has been to place it on an edge away from my town hall. This way if it is triggered, it is done so by someone going for a 3 star attack, but otherwise the troops are not wasted by someone just going for a 1 star town hall only attack.

Finally, let’s talk about traps. I’ve grown more and more disillusioned with the “giant bomb”. This trap is simply too expensive for the damage it does. I would recommend never buying one. If you have them, consider moving them to the edge, like Titus has, to avoid their wasteful expense. Regular bombs are cheap. Use them at your leisure, but don’t expect them to be difference makers. Without a doubt, however, the spring trap is an amazingly good trap, as it will eliminate any troop (especially giants) that trigger it. Every time someone attacks you, pay attention to where the giants walk, and try to place spring traps in a spot where the attacker’s giants are likely to walk. Of particular note, that is almost NEVER near your town hall. Giants don’t attack town halls, so don’t put spring traps there. Finally, air bombs are also quite good. A single one probably won’t kill a healer, but it will damage it. When you start to be attacked by minions (dark troops), they are really good against those. The seeking air mine, is really, really good against healers, and even dragons (won’t kill one, but will damage it severely).