Trophies: What are they good for?

Clash of Clash would appear to be a game where your goal is to get the highest number of trophies possible. And certainly, to “win” that is try. But to compete effectively in the trophy game you must be capable of defeating those with more trophies than you currently have. And here’s the conundrum, if it isn’t obvious: Until clan castle level 10, you have no hope of winning the trophy game.

So, if none of us are at clan castle level 10, what are trophies good for? Plain and simple, the combination of your clan castle level and your current trophy count defines a range of potential opponents. Both opponents that can attack you and that you can attack back.

As I have leveled up, I have always controlled my trophy count into a band where I am happy with my range of typical opponents. At times this has actually meant purposefully losing so that I get easier opponents to attack. At other times I build up trophies a bit to get stronger opponents with more resources.

One thing that has always helped me keep a steady count of trophies is to put my clan castle in a spot where it is fairly easily defeated. That defeat gives an attacker a guaranteed win, and a handful of trophies. They often then just give up and move on. Then, when I want to attack someone and wipe them out (which will gain me trophies) the losses balance with the wins and it stays fairly even.

Finally, there is one trophy achievement that is worthwhile getting. It’s the achievement for 1250 trophies. This rewards 500 gems, which is enough to buy a third builder hut. If you are at 800-1000 trophies, making the push for that achievement is a good idea.