Clan Donations

As the clan has grown, I’ve witnessed a great number of abuses of clan donations. First, let me share how I use donations.

Personally, I think of my clan castle troops primarily as defensive troops used almost purely to defend my village. Perhaps only 10% of the time do I deploy my clan castle troops during an attack. It’s just too rare that they make a meaningful difference.

Since my intended use for clan castle troops is defense, the best troops are those that can do ranged attacks. Archers, wizards, and dragons are thus best. I always assume my attacker will start his attack with either barbarians or giants. Those troops need to be close to attack back. Therefore ranged attackers are the ideal defensive counter. Barbarians and giants are ok as defenders, but not nearly as good. Healers, goblins, and wall breakers are all practically useless in helping you to defend.

During an attack, assuming your clan castle is full of archers, deploying those archers becomes a fairly easy decision. Generally, hold them back to a point later in the attack. Your initial deployment should almost always be focused on destroying the defender’s mortars and wizard towers via giants or a Zerg of barbs/archers. If those are mortars and wizard towers are destroyed, and the meat of the defender’s resources are now left largely undefended, now is the time to deploy your clan castle troops.

Until you reach clan castle 9 or 10, you should never consider using or asking for dark troops (minions, hog riders, witches). Those are extremely expensive troops whose dark elixir is best spent on upgrading the donator’s barb king, archer queen, or dark troop level.