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WordPress 2.3 Upgrade

WordPress is the software for this blogging platform.  They released their latest version 9 days ago, and I naturally waited for the more experienced bloggers to do the upgrade before I ventured into the craziness.  I figured let someone else be the guinea pigs.  Well, there were enough posts about it for me to get […]

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Interbike 2007

If you are at all interested in what’s going on at Interbike this year, the guys at Speedgoat have got a spectacular blog running this year.  I’m subscribed to their blog, and have been blown away with all of the great industry info they’ve been publishing.  I think I’m most interested in more news about […]

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The Server Seems More Stable

Since launching, I’ve been plagued by a frustrating problem with outages.  The server wouldn’t be down, but the outside world wouldn’t be able to get to the website.  Then I launched the Phoenix Area Real Estate Blog, and the problem didn’t get worse, but the impact of the problem became more concerning for me. […]

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