Month: August 2011

Poke confirmation

Why is it that Facebook needs you to confirm that you are about to poke someone?  There’s no confirmation for liking something.  There’s no confirmation for updating someone’s wall.  There’s no confirmation for adding a photo to your library.  But for some reason, Facebook thinks that you may have accidentally chosen to poke someone, and […]

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New Gadget Idea

Ok, I’m not much of an inventor, but I had an idea for a gadget today while roaming the aisles at the local Fry’s Electronics.  What I was looking for, and didn’t find, was a combination iPod dock, memory card reader, and USB hub.  You can get a memory card reader and USB hub as […]

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Now Pondering

Very few people reading this will NOT know Jay Thompson, but on the off chance you don’t and don’t read The Phoenix Real Estate Guy, then you probably don’t know that Jay, after 6 years blogging on TPREG, recently created his own personal blog, Now Pondering. My Side Door is exactly that for me.  It’s […]

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