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Wurdle: Thou art addicting

Oct 31, 2008 by Steve Belt in General

I stop in to the local Starbucks almost everyday. Naturally, you eventually get to know the other regulars who transform from acquaintence to friend.

Recently a bunch of us regulars have all gotten iPhones. About a week ago, they were chatting about this game Wurdle. I hadn’t heard of it, but for $1.99 I decided it was worth the download.

Boy was that a mistake. Not because it isn’t with two bucks, but because it is so addicting. It’s ridiculous.

Wurdle is similar to the game of Boggle and employs the touch screen of the iPhone perfectly. Anyway, I now profess to being a Wirdle addict. If you see me playing it, please tell me to stop. I must cure this addiction.

Fit is go

Oct 18, 2008 by Steve Belt in iPhone photo

My mother-in-law just helped the economy with this purchase.

Sidewalk art in Scottsdale

Oct 18, 2008 by Steve Belt in iPhone photo

McCormick Ranch Greembelt

Oct 18, 2008 by Steve Belt in iPhone photo

Road my bike through a bit of the greenbelt today.

Getting ready to start

Oct 04, 2008 by Steve Belt in iPhone photo

2008 Tour of the White Mountains 67 milers.

Heading to Ride the Tour of the White Mountains

Oct 03, 2008 by Steve Belt in Cycling, Mountain Bike

I’m just about to leave the office, pack up and head to our house in Pinetop for the weekend.  This weekend, Epic Rides is having their annual Tour of the White Mountains.  I rode the event last year, and am doing so again this year.  Last year I pushed through 52 miles, and this year I’ve gone insane, and signed up for the 67 mile distance.

Riding with me will be the usual cast of characters: Robert, Chris Z, and Chris M.  Chris M has never ridden in an organized bike race/ride before, so that alone will be interesting.  I’m hoping he can at least complete 30 miles.  Personally, I’m not in great shape, so this is going to be a personal struggle.

My riding plan is to start slow and finish slow, with slower parts in the middle.  We’ll see how well I’m able to stick to the plan.  Regardless, the weather looks to be fabulous this year (which is a welcome surprise), and the volunteers at the event are A-1 top notch.