Comments, participation is king

Comments, participation is king

Tyson Crosbie is a local Phoenix photographer that I have met “virtually” through Twitter.  Many of the Phoenix area folks I follow on Twitter have recently had Tyson help them create excellent avatars for their online profile, as well as head shots for their business profile/cards/resume/etc.

It was a little over a month ago, that I noticed Tyson would ask for community feedback on Twitter with regard to a recent photo session he had done.  He would post a link to flickr, via Twitter, that had soft edit images from the photo session.  In Twitter he would ask for people to comment/vote for which image they liked best as an avatar and/or the formal head shot.  Then as each person voted, they often would Tweet.  Thus, throughout the day, if you were following your Tweets very closely, you’d notice the conversation thread develop.  Here’s an example of Tyson’s most recent photo session, where he was looking for feedback.

Using Twitter and flickr in this way is such a cool example of social media that “works”.  Obviously, for Tyson, it has generated some business, but for the client, they get feedback from the very community which they are a part of, to help them select the image that the community feels best represents them.  It’s absolutely fantastic.

Phoenix Photographer, Tyson Crosbie

So, in honor of a cool idea, that is executed very well, I’m adding Tyson’s Badge to the side bar. The adjustable width theme I use here isn’t ideal for such badges, but hopefully I’ve adjusted it well enough that you can see the entire badge.  Clicking on the badge will take you to Tyson’s flickr page with each of his sets that can be voted on.  It’s worth the click, just to see the type of work he does.  I think it’s great, and am remiss in not getting myself into the queue for a digital make over.


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tyson crosbie

Great post. Thanks for the words, and yes we do need to get you scheduled for your headshot. Let me know when you are ready, I’ll be here.

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