Today I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

Today I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal

Today was an amazing day.  My real estate blog received some tremendous reactions over an article I wrote about Trulia Voices.  The CEO of Trulia stopped by and commented later that day.  Today, I wrote another article about Trulia Voices, and got another visit from the CEO of Trulia.  And all of the hits on the blog caused it to really skyrocket in the stats category, which I couldn’t be happier about.

While that fun was taking place, I had coffee at Starbucks with an agent that’s agreed to office at my satellite.  That’s really good news, as we need more agents, especially since I let one go, while at the same time a client that was renting half of my office space moved out when he found a commercial lease that worked for him.  So the office has been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks.

And then back at the office, In my inbox, a client prospect sent me an email requesting to look at homes to buy on November 5th and 5th.

So when Shelly from the Wall Street Journal called today, as the big “capper” you can’t imagine my elation.  She led out by saying that she’d seen what I had written on my blog, and the reaction from Pete Flint, the CEO of Trulia, and wanted to ask some more follow-up questions.  I’m not sure our discussion added much to her story, but I did stress an important point: 

When the content at Trulia becomes consistently high quality, I’ll want to be a part of it.

The low quality of the content is my beef with it today, and it looks like the folks at Trulia listened and are planning to do something about it next week.  Kudos to them.

But back to the cool factor…I was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.  Sheesh, how cool was that?  Jan remarked that I haven’t attended any media training.  She’s wondering if I made ”the company” look bad.   If so, oh well.  Most likely is I botched it up enough that the Journal never references me in whatever article they are planning to run (Shelly said it was something about Web 2.0).

Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, here at My Side Door, I’ll probably always post in flurries.  That’s another reason to subscribe.  If you don’t have a feed reader, Google has a good one.  Then you don’t need to ping the site to find out if I’ve posted, your feed reader will alert you automagically.

Happy Belated Halloween.